Holiday Family Portraits…

Family Portrait

Holiday family portraits are an essential. But, life can be hectic managing the family, kids, work, friends, and responsibilities leaving little time to get the photos for the holiday cards done. We loved working with this beautiful family on set at this amazing location that is not open to the public.

Family PortraitWell, SQ Portraits ~ Photography (Studio Quality Portraits, bringing the studio to you!) has a solution for you. We offer three options to get your holiday portraits done for your family card that are sure to make it easy on you. 1). We come to your home or office and photograph your family using our full mobile studio which guarantees top quality. We utilize a studio backdrop or green screen technology to place your family in your choice of many locations. 2) We meet you on location. This is a great solution when you have a little more time to prepare and/or travel to the selected location. 3) Come to us! That’s right, we offer small sessions for individuals or couples at our site using the same techniques if we were to come to you.

There’s no reason to skip out on the Family Portraits for your holiday cards this year because we make it easy and possible for you to get it done on limited time.

Contact us today by using the form, or if you prefer to text or call we make it that easy too!Cowboy Kid Portrait

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Cards for the holiday, time left for photos…

Christmas Cards

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been busy with work, family, sports, school, and maybe even had to evacuate from the danger of local fires. It’s a crazy and unusual season, there’s no doubt about that. If you’ve been putting off pictures for holiday cards we are here to tell you that it is not too late.

Modern Photo Technology

With our modern mobile studio, we come to your home, office, or other location of your choice. There’s a reason we come to you, your comfort! There’s no doubt that getting in front of the lens for many people doing portraits is intimidating and hard enough on it’s own. So, by coming to you we ensure you are in a place you are most comfortable.

Our fully mobile studio also includes a few more technologically advanced features. The first, green screen technology. We can capture you and your family in a photo right in your living room while the final image looks like you’re in the snow. You name it, a fireplace, a Christmas tree, or pretty windows, we have it. We also can provide a real-time preview of your photos on a large screen so working together we can adjust poses and facial expressions on the fly resulting in the perfect final image.

We make it easy

It’s pretty simple how the photography portrait session for holiday cards works. Once you book, we come to you. We setup our studio in about 20 minutes. You pick your background and we photograph you or your family, and even your pet.

It’s not too late to get a digital photo back with a print release to get your holiday cards out, so waste no more time and book today.

Holiday Backdrops

Affordable Sessions

Sessions start at only $149. mention this article and receive a bonus, mounted, 8×10 image. Contact us today to get started or use the form below. You can also call or text us anytime! If you’re looking for a special card for your athlete or team, check out G2Photo Images.

Christmas & Fall Family Portraits…

Twinkling Angel Snow Globe

Christmas is right around the corner and fall is officially upon us! What a great time of year, especially in parts of the country where the leaves are changing beautiful colors. And, with Christmas coming so quickly, it is time to get your Christmas and Holiday cards out in the mail.

Polar Express
Polar Express

We have a great solution for you to present your little one on a card expressing the magic of Christmas,. You can bring along the family for a stroll in a beautiful autumn setting. But get this, you can do it all at the same time.

SQ Portraits, Studio Quality Portraits, bringing the studio to you, makes it easy to get exactly what you want without driving anywhere! That’s right, we have a solution that happens right in your home, garage, or place of business that will make your friends envious of your travels to places with autumn colors and holiday magic.

Autumn Harvest
Autumn Harvest

Take advantage of our Autumn and Holiday sessions today and get your cards out next week!

Simply shoot us a message from our Contact Page or if it’s easier drop us a line or text! Our contact number is on every page of our website! Be sure to mention this blog and receive a bonus social media ready file!

Having a senior moment…

Senior Portraits

Do you have an upcoming or graduating Senior in your life? It’s time to have a Senior moment, as in Senior Portraits. Personally, I did not have Senior Portraits done when I graduated from high school. Photos were not important to me as a young man. Little did I know, when I grew up how much I would have loved to have some memories of me in print, doing the things I loved to do ‘back in the day’. I loved playing guitar and baseball, and listening to rock and roll music. That was all there was as far as I knew. My senior yearbook picture is hilarious, but I’m grateful to have a copy of it so I can show my kids and get a good laugh.

But, today’s Senior Portraits are so much more than those from back in the day. Today’s Seniors want to be captured in their full essence, either capturing their beauty, their athleticism, their creativity, or their academicism.

Here we were honored to photograph Athena who graduated in 2018 and is on her way to a four year degree in the Bay Area. Her beauty was stunning and we found this amazing purple foliage that fit her perfectly.

You have a choice for who you use for Senior Portraits, regardless of what your school might say! Contact us today and get started on your own journey through our boutique style photography service and enjoy heirloom quality prints to go with your Senior Portraits.

We’d love to know a unique way you would like to be captured! Give us a comment below and receive a special gift.


Realtor Headshots; Style, Sophistication, and fun…

Realtor Headshot

Having a professional headshot is so important in today’s market place, maybe more important than ever. First impressions have always been important, but now your first impressions are made online more often than not. This is why new real estate agent Danny Rafeh chose us to create his website and business card headshots and 3/4 body shots. He understood how important that first impression is!

We have several digital headshot packages available that suit the new and experienced real estate agent. Providing indoor studio portraits or outdoor nature background style headshots, it’s all up to you! We full edit your final selections including the most important touchups like skin, brightening the eyes, whitening teeth, and removing any bags under the eyes.

Find out just how easy it is to get new or updated professional headshots from SQ Portraits by contacting us today using the form below.

To learn more about Danny and his services through Century 21 in Simi Valley, CA visit him at Danny can be reached by phone at (805) 328-4043 or by email at