Easter Model Season

Easter 2018 is just about upon us and SQ Portrait – Photography, a photographer based in Simi Valley is looking for young models to try out our new backdrops!

SQ Portraits is the Family, Individual, Headshot, and Senior Photos division of G2Photo Images that serves Simi Valley and surrounding areas of Ventura County. As Easter 2018 approaches we are seeking some young boys and girls to model. Mom and Dad will receive a social media ready digital photo in exchange for signing a minor model release for their child. The release allows SQ Portraits to use the image in advertising on social media, in print, etc and we may even enter your little one in a contest from time to time because we like winning awards! We have been awarded with Viewers Choice awards for several prior photos by the City of Ventura.

This particular model search won’t last long! Contact us today to get booked!

Fine Art Photographer in Simi Valley

Sometimes, you just want something special and many times you have to use your imagination to get what you want.

That’s where SQ Portraits – Photography of Simi Valley in Ventura County can help you with not only your photography needs, but with your photo portrait desires.

Graduation can mean a lot of things; accomplishment, completion, winning, conquering, overcoming, relief, and much more. Here we created an image with passion and a feeling of thankfulness. It’s a dreamy portrait, surreal, peaceful, and this photo portrays success.

This particular portrait would print fabulously on our Modern Model medium or a deep matte framed option. We have a full selection of finished print products meeting just about every need. From large wall displays in Canvas to folio boxes and photo albums.

What are your dreams and desires? Let us know in the comments below! Give SQ Portraits – Photography in Simi Valley a call to start your dream portrait session today. For portraits, family portraits, senior portraits, SQ Portraits has you covered.

If you’re looking for sports action, look no further than G2Photo Images, our sports action photography division also located in Simi Valley, CA.

Aly O Autumn Woods



Your family photographer has a few secrets that they will never tell you! 

Your family photographer has a few secrets that they will never tell you! 

No, it’s not how much their equipment cost, although a full professional setup and lighting easily tops the $10,000 mark. No, it’s not how much time they’ll actually spend editing photos after the shoot, although countless hours will go into editing around an hour per photo for high end wall portraits at minimum. No, it’s not even a list of all the behind the scenes business expenses they must cover like equipment insurance, liability insurance, cost of their CPA, business license, domain names, web hosting, payroll, and all the typical overhead costs any established business has.

What your photographer really keeps secret is their tendency to get nervous just before a photo shoot and their desire to produce the most beautifully edited photos during the processing of those session photos.

That’s right! Every photographer is likely more nervous and excited about your photo session than you are. As an artist, there’s a strong weighing desire to give you a perfect end product and this starts with the ability to make you smile, pose you and your family in a flattering manner, and hide any imperfections in the final image you may be self conscience of.

That’s why at SQ Portraits and G2Photo Images you may notice we work just a bit differently. When you decide to contact us we will CALL YOU, on the telephone, kind of old school we know, but we want to ensure we connect with you and that we are a great fit for each other. After getting to know you a bit we will schedule three dates together. 

The first date will be a review of your space where you will be displaying your final art. We want to ensure that your photo session results in art work that fits your space aesthetically in both size and color. 

The second date will be your photo shoot day. This is the day that we get to go out and have fun! Did you know, we do NOT set time limits on your shoot. We will work with you until we have captured the necessary images to create your final art work.

The last date is your Preview and Ordering date. We will come to you and reveal your final images and assist you with selecting the perfect photos for your home or as gifts. 

You can learn more about our process on our website, review some of our work on our SQ Portraits Facebook Page, our G2Photo Images FaceBook Page (be sure to LIKE US!), and on our Instagram feed.

We’d love to hear from you, please comment below and share! Don’t forget to subscribe for updates! And be sure to give us a call for your Simi Valley Photographer needs! We can help with Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, and Retouched Corporate or Social Media Headshots.

5 Tips for a successful portrait session

Be it a portrait session for a professional headshot, a family portrait, a lifestyle shoot, or senior portraits, there are 5 things you can do to ensure the most successful photography session possible.

#5 – Be prepared
Being prepared ahead of the photo shoot today will ease stress and tension. Know your wardrobe several days in advance and try the clothes on a few days prior. Should something not fit or not flatter you’ll still have plenty of time to replace before your photo session. Ladies should take care of waxing, massages, and hair color a few days in advance and men should come cleanly shaved a few hours prior and also take care of haircuts a day or two prior.
Portrait Photography

#4 – Food
Be sure you eat in advance of your photo shoot. Especially for the little ones, bring snacks along with you like grapes, saltine crackers, and bottled water or white apple juice. These are things that can be eaten and drank and not have to worry about making a mess or staining your new wardrobe. Even for the adults, eat in advance but don’t come stuffed and uncomfortable.

#3 – Be on-time
Nothing can be more stressful than running late. Plan ahead by knowing the quickest route to your photo shoot location. Allow for some extra time for traffic or last minute car trouble. If you’re having a large group portrait, consider car-pooling to avoid late stragglers.

#2 – Know your intentions
By working with your photographer in advance, the intention of the photo shoot should be known. But if you haven’t had a consultation with your photographer in advance you should know your desired outcome. For example, for couples, is this an engagement shot that should convey love of an engaged couple, or the stable long love of a married couple. For Actor and Actress headshots, what character are you wanting to portray? Are you a nerdy school type or the tough jock? Discussing this with your photographer in advance should assist your photographer in bringing out the right mood in you.

Not that we saved the most important for last…or maybe we did, but you must come with an attitude of fun! Unless you’re getting a professional headshot in advance of planning your funeral come ready for fun. Laugh, love, joke, and let loose.

SQ Portraits – Photography is always honored to speak with new clients about being their photographer of choice. From our unique three part process to our heirloom quality products, we’d love to share with you what makes us different that will bring out the unique in you. Contact us today! Also check out our current model call offerings.

Turning the routine into memories…

It’s your photographer’s job to understand your needs, wants, desires, and plan around those in order to provide you with perfect memories and artwork suitable for your home or office.
Well, that’s exactly what we did with Ms. Aly! After meeting Aly we quickly picked up on the facts that she is outgoing, fun, and not afraid of anything. Graduating with a degree in some sort of math that’s way over our head, she wanted to capture this moment of time in her life for herself and her mom and dad. After meeting in her home and viewing the dark wood tones of the fireplace and the dark couch against the brightly lit walls we knew exactly where to shoot one of the three locations for her graduation session.

We wanted to find a location that would highlight our client while offering deep tones as a backdrop. The final image makes for a perfect 20×30 or even 30″x40″ wall canvas. In this case, due to the smaller size of the living area we opted for the 20×30 canvas as a perfect fit. But, can you guess where we took Aly for this location? The local grocery store…

That’s right! The local grocery store has a great pillar lined, palm tree backdrop walking path covered with vines. We knew it would make the perfect setup for this wall piece. What did Aly think? “Let’s do it!”, she exclaimed. Not fearing being out in a public shopping complex, right outside the door of a bank, we setup two lights from our mobile studio, posed her to capture her fun confidence and went to work.

In the end, it’s the photographer’s job to understand the clients needs and build everything in the session around that to create art perfectly suited for their home or office.

Experience the difference next time you are in the market for family photos, graduation photos, senior photos, or corporate head shots in and around Simi Valley. Call SQ Portrait – Photography in Simi Valley to learn more.