5 Tips for a successful portrait session

Be it a portrait session for a professional headshot, a family portrait, a lifestyle shoot, or senior portraits, there are 5 things you can do to ensure the most successful photography session possible.

#5 – Be prepared
Being prepared ahead of the photo shoot today will ease stress and tension. Know your wardrobe several days in advance and try the clothes on a few days prior. Should something not fit or not flatter you’ll still have plenty of time to replace before your photo session. Ladies should take care of waxing, massages, and hair color a few days in advance and men should come cleanly shaved a few hours prior and also take care of haircuts a day or two prior.
Portrait Photography

#4 – Food
Be sure you eat in advance of your photo shoot. Especially for the little ones, bring snacks along with you like grapes, saltine crackers, and bottled water or white apple juice. These are things that can be eaten and drank and not have to worry about making a mess or staining your new wardrobe. Even for the adults, eat in advance but don’t come stuffed and uncomfortable.

#3 – Be on-time
Nothing can be more stressful than running late. Plan ahead by knowing the quickest route to your photo shoot location. Allow for some extra time for traffic or last minute car trouble. If you’re having a large group portrait, consider car-pooling to avoid late stragglers.

#2 – Know your intentions
By working with your photographer in advance, the intention of the photo shoot should be known. But if you haven’t had a consultation with your photographer in advance you should know your desired outcome. For example, for couples, is this an engagement shot that should convey love of an engaged couple, or the stable long love of a married couple. For Actor and Actress headshots, what character are you wanting to portray? Are you a nerdy school type or the tough jock? Discussing this with your photographer in advance should assist your photographer in bringing out the right mood in you.

Not that we saved the most important for last…or maybe we did, but you must come with an attitude of fun! Unless you’re getting a professional headshot in advance of planning your funeral come ready for fun. Laugh, love, joke, and let loose.

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