Your family photographer has a few secrets that they will never tell you! 

Your family photographer has a few secrets that they will never tell you! 

No, it’s not how much their equipment cost, although a full professional setup and lighting easily tops the $10,000 mark. No, it’s not how much time they’ll actually spend editing photos after the shoot, although countless hours will go into editing around an hour per photo for high end wall portraits at minimum. No, it’s not even a list of all the behind the scenes business expenses they must cover like equipment insurance, liability insurance, cost of their CPA, business license, domain names, web hosting, payroll, and all the typical overhead costs any established business has.

What your photographer really keeps secret is their tendency to get nervous just before a photo shoot and their desire to produce the most beautifully edited photos during the processing of those session photos.

That’s right! Every photographer is likely more nervous and excited about your photo session than you are. As an artist, there’s a strong weighing desire to give you a perfect end product and this starts with the ability to make you smile, pose you and your family in a flattering manner, and hide any imperfections in the final image you may be self conscience of.

That’s why at SQ Portraits and G2Photo Images you may notice we work just a bit differently. When you decide to contact us we will CALL YOU, on the telephone, kind of old school we know, but we want to ensure we connect with you and that we are a great fit for each other. After getting to know you a bit we will schedule three dates together. 

The first date will be a review of your space where you will be displaying your final art. We want to ensure that your photo session results in art work that fits your space aesthetically in both size and color. 

The second date will be your photo shoot day. This is the day that we get to go out and have fun! Did you know, we do NOT set time limits on your shoot. We will work with you until we have captured the necessary images to create your final art work.

The last date is your Preview and Ordering date. We will come to you and reveal your final images and assist you with selecting the perfect photos for your home or as gifts. 

You can learn more about our process on our website, review some of our work on our SQ Portraits Facebook Page, our G2Photo Images FaceBook Page (be sure to LIKE US!), and on our Instagram feed.

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