Is your photographer insured?

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Let’s talk picking your photographer

All too often a Facebook user will post a request looking for a recommendation for a photographer. It may be that they need a photographer for an upcoming wedding, an upcoming baby maternity session, a new baby session, or even for real estate they’re getting ready to sell. There are so many reasons people are looking for a photographer, but there’s one thing that so many are overlooking…

Photographer Insurance?

Is your photographer insured? It’s amazing, that when one of these in search of requests occur, there are no less than 80 responses and recommendations to any given post. Some come with “Affordable” adjectives, others with, “I’ve used them”, and even others with, “My photos turned out so great”. But, what happens if the photographer were to break something in your home, or your child tripped over their lighting equipment, or worse, you were bit by a snake? Or, God forbid, the photographer drops your baby!!!

Ensure your photographer is insured!

Be sure to ask one simple question, “Do you have liability insurance?”. First, the insurance protects you should the worse happens. Granted, it is unlikely, but just what if? Unfortunately there was a beautiful young model in Texas last year that was taken to railroad tracks for a photo shoot. For unknown reasons, she was hit and killed by a train.

Second, it adds peace of mind. We’re not saying you’ll get hurt, but knowing that there’s insurance in place will add piece of mind.

And, third, an uninsured photographer is likely not a professional photographer, rather a hobbyist. Look, let’s face it, family photos are an investment. There’s no doubt the best work will have the biggest price tag on it, but it’s worth it! Make an investment with a professional and weed out the hobbyist with this one simple question, “Are you insured?”

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