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We have so many great locations right here in Simi Valley to suit any photography need and some are very exclusive so your photos will be as unique as you and your family. Whether you like fields of openness, super colorful greens, or building scapes we have it.

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FREE 2020 Senior Portraits

Senior Model Rep

Are you a 2020 Graduating Senior?

Are you a 2020 High School Senior? Are you outgoing and fun? Are you looking to add to your already popular social media feed? Well, we just may have the program you are looking for!

Senior Model Team

SQ Portraits ~ Photography is looking to put together a 2020 High School Senior Model Team made up of local, Simi Valley, high school seniors graduating in 2020, both girls and boys, and have a blast creating photographic content…at no cost to you or your parents!

What is a model rep?

Throughout the summer of 2019 and into fall and winter we will get together individually and as a group to shoot photographic content for us to use in advertising. As a model rep, we ask you to put your best face forward, bring your uniqueness, and have a blast representing our photography studio which is Simi Valley based. You are provided all digital imagery used by the firm to place on your social media feeds and share with friends and family. You and your parents will also receive a deep discount on our available print product line up (Product Retail starts at $149 and packages start at $1299) and a free photo app that will house the used photos for easy access and viewing. There is no cost to get in this year! A contract is required to be signed by you and your parent if you are under 18 years old allowing us to use your image, always in good taste, to advertise on the web and various social media and print outlets.

Who is a good fit?

Model reps come in all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. A good rep loves others. We will occasionally work as a team. A good rep is outgoing. We want to see your energy and others to see it to when we’re shooting in highly public spaces. A good rep believes in themselves. We want you to bring something to the table; a talent, a passion, a uniqueness that is you. Both girls and boys are encouraged to get involved!

What kind of photographs are we talking about?

You name it! As part of our application process you are asked what YOU would like. In general, the photographic content will consist of typical style senior portraits; standing, sitting, laying down, jumping, twirling, smiling, and serious. We utilize both traditional, outdoor nature settings and indoor studio type head-shots. We are also on the cutting edge of green screen composite imagery and will create some very unique content around your hobbies and interests.

OK, I’m ready! Now what?

Great! Now, simply read and follow the instructions below…..we will contact you once we have selected all the members of the team we are looking for! Oh, and don’t forget to share with your bestie if you think they too would be a good fit! This is not a competition, it IS a team effort.

Prep Steps – Headshots

Fun Headshot

Headshots come in many styles from the ultra conservative to the fun and approachable and anywhere in between. Here, we have outlined a few preparation steps you can take to ensure you get the best headshot possible, regardless of the style you’re going for.

5. Haircuts

Business Owner Headshots

A fresh do makes everyone look good, but consider giving it a few days before your headshot, not the same day. After a haircut, giving your hair a few days to grow and take shape is the ideal for a headshot. If you’re going for a whole new style then consider giving yourself a few weeks, three at minimum. For anyone getting new color, allow three days for the color to relax, especially if the color is bright.

4. Clothing choices

Professional Headshots
Professional Headshots

Start simple and build up. Keep your clothing simple, like a solid color button down or blouse or polo shirt. Get a few shots in. Add a layer such as a shawl, a coat, a scarf, and then take a few more shots. Layer as you go. Keep clothing to solid colors, avoiding busy patterns and shapes. The goal of your headshot is to highlight YOU, not your clothing. Of course, there are exceptions to this advice, if you’re a designer or artist and loud dress is a part of your personal brand, then by all means, go loud.

Most importantly, choose your outfit(s) a day or two ahead of time and check their fit. Ensure everything is clean and ironed.

3. Lint Brush/Roller

Bring a lint brush or a lint roller with you. They come in very handy to remove strands of pet hair, people hair, or lint from your clothing. Get it right before you’re captured in the camera. It’s likely if you’re full of lint your photographer will charge a nominal fee for clearing out the spots in photoshop after the fact. It’s quick and easy to keep lint free.

2. Bring a friend!

Natural Outdoor Headshots
Natural Outdoor Headshots

Yes, that’s right, bring a friend. Having a friend with you can help you relax. If you choose your friends wisely, they can keep you smiling by cracking jokes or telling funny stories that will keep your mind distracted from the camera and bringing out natural facial expressions. A professional photographer packs a set of mental tools they will use to accomplish the same, but having someone you already have a deep relationship with there with you can help tremendously.

1. Get rest and eat a good meal

Actor Headshots

REST: Tip #1 is simple, get a good nights rest and eat! It’s that simple. Getting rest will help your skin look its best, reduce patchy skin, and keep eye bags to a minimum. Your professional photographer will make some adjustments to enhance your natural handsomeness and beauty, but be sure to do your part.

MEAL: Eat a good breakfast or lunch an hour before your session. Eating healthy will not only make you feel good, but will give you the necessary energy to manage your body and your emotions. Give time for your food to settle to avoid any bloating or fatigue.


Professional Retouching

Here’s an insider bonus tip that will ensure you have the best possible headshot! Remember the old adage, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”? It’s TRUE! So, be sure to hire a professional. It can be tempting to have a friend snap a phone shot, or a friend with a consumer model DSLR. A professional photographer will do much more than just ‘snap a photo’. A professional will;

  • Use studio lighting that flatters you as you
  • Talk you through moving in a way that flatters your shape
  • Have you pose in ways that match your desired usage of the headshot
  • Retouch your image for exacting color and removal of blemishes
  • Retouch your image to highlight your best features
  • Provide your audience the sense that you value yourself

Regardless if your headshot is for business, personal, or professional use, you can count on SQ Portraits and G2Photo Images to make you look your best! To inquire, feel free to Call us, Text Us, Email Us, or use the form below.

Is your photographer insured?

Family and Individual Portraits

Let’s talk picking your photographer

All too often a Facebook user will post a request looking for a recommendation for a photographer. It may be that they need a photographer for an upcoming wedding, an upcoming baby maternity session, a new baby session, or even for real estate they’re getting ready to sell. There are so many reasons people are looking for a photographer, but there’s one thing that so many are overlooking…

Photographer Insurance?

Is your photographer insured? It’s amazing, that when one of these in search of requests occur, there are no less than 80 responses and recommendations to any given post. Some come with “Affordable” adjectives, others with, “I’ve used them”, and even others with, “My photos turned out so great”. But, what happens if the photographer were to break something in your home, or your child tripped over their lighting equipment, or worse, you were bit by a snake? Or, God forbid, the photographer drops your baby!!!

Ensure your photographer is insured!

Be sure to ask one simple question, “Do you have liability insurance?”. First, the insurance protects you should the worse happens. Granted, it is unlikely, but just what if? Unfortunately there was a beautiful young model in Texas last year that was taken to railroad tracks for a photo shoot. For unknown reasons, she was hit and killed by a train.

Second, it adds peace of mind. We’re not saying you’ll get hurt, but knowing that there’s insurance in place will add piece of mind.

And, third, an uninsured photographer is likely not a professional photographer, rather a hobbyist. Look, let’s face it, family photos are an investment. There’s no doubt the best work will have the biggest price tag on it, but it’s worth it! Make an investment with a professional and weed out the hobbyist with this one simple question, “Are you insured?”

Spring Portrait Tips

Family Canvas

Spring portrait season will be here before you know it and we’re hoping to help you plan ahead.

Book Early
That’s right! Don’t wait to book. The most in demand photographers will book up quickly and you don’t want to miss prime times of year.

Wardrobe Planning
Plan your wardrobe in advance. Shop early and look for solid colors. For your spring portraits you want to avoid stripes and busy patterns. Solid is best, but muted plaids work well

Know what you want
Decide in advance what you imagine the final outcome to be. Be it a specific pose for the family or a specific sized print for a special place in your home. Knowing what you want in advance can help your photographer shoot for what you want.

Talk with your photographer
Talk with your photographer about your hopes and desires for this photo shoot. Is it about family, about the kids, or about generations all together? For your photographer, knowing what you want will help them the most.

Pick the right photographer
What makes a photographer right for you? Well, there are many things to consider. Can they schedule any time of day and not need to only shoot at specific times? Does your photographer utilize the latest technologies in off camera flash? Using artificial light, even mid-day, can make a world of difference in the quality of your final photos. Do they offer the print sizes you want? Select a photographer that can offer you professional quality prints in addition to digitals.

We hope you enjoyed these few tips for your spring portraits session and more so, we hope you chose us and book today! You can contact us by phone, text, or web.

If you’re looking for amazing sports portraits, look no further than our sister company at G2Photo Images.