Is your photographer insured?

Family and Individual Portraits

Let’s talk picking your photographer

All too often a Facebook user will post a request looking for a recommendation for a photographer. It may be that they need a photographer for an upcoming wedding, an upcoming baby maternity session, a new baby session, or even for real estate they’re getting ready to sell. There are so many reasons people are looking for a photographer, but there’s one thing that so many are overlooking…

Photographer Insurance?

Is your photographer insured? It’s amazing, that when one of these in search of requests occur, there are no less than 80 responses and recommendations to any given post. Some come with “Affordable” adjectives, others with, “I’ve used them”, and even others with, “My photos turned out so great”. But, what happens if the photographer were to break something in your home, or your child tripped over their lighting equipment, or worse, you were bit by a snake? Or, God forbid, the photographer drops your baby!!!

Ensure your photographer is insured!

Be sure to ask one simple question, “Do you have liability insurance?”. First, the insurance protects you should the worse happens. Granted, it is unlikely, but just what if? Unfortunately there was a beautiful young model in Texas last year that was taken to railroad tracks for a photo shoot. For unknown reasons, she was hit and killed by a train.

Second, it adds peace of mind. We’re not saying you’ll get hurt, but knowing that there’s insurance in place will add piece of mind.

And, third, an uninsured photographer is likely not a professional photographer, rather a hobbyist. Look, let’s face it, family photos are an investment. There’s no doubt the best work will have the biggest price tag on it, but it’s worth it! Make an investment with a professional and weed out the hobbyist with this one simple question, “Are you insured?”

Spring Portrait Tips

Family Canvas

Spring portrait season will be here before you know it and we’re hoping to help you plan ahead.

Book Early
That’s right! Don’t wait to book. The most in demand photographers will book up quickly and you don’t want to miss prime times of year.

Wardrobe Planning
Plan your wardrobe in advance. Shop early and look for solid colors. For your spring portraits you want to avoid stripes and busy patterns. Solid is best, but muted plaids work well

Know what you want
Decide in advance what you imagine the final outcome to be. Be it a specific pose for the family or a specific sized print for a special place in your home. Knowing what you want in advance can help your photographer shoot for what you want.

Talk with your photographer
Talk with your photographer about your hopes and desires for this photo shoot. Is it about family, about the kids, or about generations all together? For your photographer, knowing what you want will help them the most.

Pick the right photographer
What makes a photographer right for you? Well, there are many things to consider. Can they schedule any time of day and not need to only shoot at specific times? Does your photographer utilize the latest technologies in off camera flash? Using artificial light, even mid-day, can make a world of difference in the quality of your final photos. Do they offer the print sizes you want? Select a photographer that can offer you professional quality prints in addition to digitals.

We hope you enjoyed these few tips for your spring portraits session and more so, we hope you chose us and book today! You can contact us by phone, text, or web.

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Spring Mini Sessions…Booking 2019

Spring Daisy Meadow

Spring mini sessions are a hot commodity and you don’t want to miss your chance to book early. SQ Portraits (Studio Quality Portraits, bringing the studio to you) has mini-sessions beginning at only $149, but we only have 5 spaces available at this price. This is a $100 savings from our standard creative fee. If you book before 2019 begins you’ll also receive a free mounted, gorgeous, 8×10 print. You can contact us here.

Spring mini’s can take place in your home or office or on location. We have many options for both that result in beautiful images you and your family will cherish for years. What’s more is we offer a full line of heirloom quality print products that can be passed on for generations. But, don’t forget to book early and receive a free 8×10 and be one of only five families to get this deal.

Get booked now before this deal is gone!

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Holiday Family Portraits…

Family Portrait

Holiday family portraits are an essential. But, life can be hectic managing the family, kids, work, friends, and responsibilities leaving little time to get the photos for the holiday cards done. We loved working with this beautiful family on set at this amazing location that is not open to the public.

Family PortraitWell, SQ Portraits ~ Photography (Studio Quality Portraits, bringing the studio to you!) has a solution for you. We offer three options to get your holiday portraits done for your family card that are sure to make it easy on you. 1). We come to your home or office and photograph your family using our full mobile studio which guarantees top quality. We utilize a studio backdrop or green screen technology to place your family in your choice of many locations. 2) We meet you on location. This is a great solution when you have a little more time to prepare and/or travel to the selected location. 3) Come to us! That’s right, we offer small sessions for individuals or couples at our site using the same techniques if we were to come to you.

There’s no reason to skip out on the Family Portraits for your holiday cards this year because we make it easy and possible for you to get it done on limited time.

Contact us today by using the form, or if you prefer to text or call we make it that easy too!Cowboy Kid Portrait

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Cards for the holiday, time left for photos…

Christmas Cards

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been busy with work, family, sports, school, and maybe even had to evacuate from the danger of local fires. It’s a crazy and unusual season, there’s no doubt about that. If you’ve been putting off pictures for holiday cards we are here to tell you that it is not too late.

Modern Photo Technology

With our modern mobile studio, we come to your home, office, or other location of your choice. There’s a reason we come to you, your comfort! There’s no doubt that getting in front of the lens for many people doing portraits is intimidating and hard enough on it’s own. So, by coming to you we ensure you are in a place you are most comfortable.

Our fully mobile studio also includes a few more technologically advanced features. The first, green screen technology. We can capture you and your family in a photo right in your living room while the final image looks like you’re in the snow. You name it, a fireplace, a Christmas tree, or pretty windows, we have it. We also can provide a real-time preview of your photos on a large screen so working together we can adjust poses and facial expressions on the fly resulting in the perfect final image.

We make it easy

It’s pretty simple how the photography portrait session for holiday cards works. Once you book, we come to you. We setup our studio in about 20 minutes. You pick your background and we photograph you or your family, and even your pet.

It’s not too late to get a digital photo back with a print release to get your holiday cards out, so waste no more time and book today.

Holiday Backdrops

Affordable Sessions

Sessions start at only $149. mention this article and receive a bonus, mounted, 8×10 image. Contact us today to get started or use the form below. You can also call or text us anytime! If you’re looking for a special card for your athlete or team, check out G2Photo Images.