Boutique photography…huh?

We get a lot of questions asking what the heck a boutique style photography experience is. Well, it’s just that…

Merriam Webster defines it best as;

Boutique : a small company that offers highly specialized services or products

When choosing SQPortraits you are choosing a small business that caters to unique clients desiring a unique experience wanting specialized, high quality wall displays and exclusive session locations.

In the industry many photographers are labeled as “shoot and burn” meaning they shoot a ton of photos and burn to a CD for their client. These are often lower priced options, standard point and click shots, and work for many people. Our boutique experience includes an in home consultation covering discussions about where your wall display will hang, designing the shoot around your decor, measuring your space to ensure you get the right sized prints for proper viewing and suggestions on best wardrobe.

We move on to a specialized session day which we’ll write about later and a video slide show and rating ordering session to help you select the perfect final images.

We top off the experience with in home delivery and installation of your final art! This is our favorite day and will be yours too!