First Impressions…important?

Are first impressions important? We think so! Everyday someone is looking at your social media picture, on your business website “about us” or “staff” page, or pulling your business card from their wallet to potentially give you a call. That first impression can make or break you.

It is proven that images are processed 60,000 time faster than text alone, so for one, we hope all your marketing includes imagery. But what about your online profiles? Of course you have a picture of yourself there and we hope for your sake that it is a good one. Because the human brain processes images so quickly, human nature makes us judge a book by its cover even if we do not intend to. We base certain ideas on the picture of the person we see based on prior interactions with similar people of the past or even based on what we’ve seen of people on the news.

You may not like it, but it’s true, first impressions ARE important.

Don’t let your headshot be your demise, contact us today to get a fresh look for you, your social profile, business cards, and even for the magnet on your car. We provide photography in and around Simi Valley and most of Ventura County. All of our photo headshots are professionally retouched to make you look your best!

Lorie Headshot

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