Hard to choose…

It can be overwhelming selecting the perfect image to have for your final print. Let’s face it, high quality Gallery wrap canvas pieces are not cheap and last generations so it’s important to get it just right.

Most families that receive a CD full of images get so overwhelmed or so busy with day to day life that none of those images end up being shared with friends and family who enter the home and that CD collects dust in a drawer never to be seen again. Oh, and I’m sure the grandkids cannot wait to have a CD to passed down in 50 years.

We, at SQ Portraits provide ready to hang, heirloom quality, final products, to our clients because one, we know you’re busy, and two, we want you to have that instant gratification. But what’s more, we provide a video slide show and walk you through step by step to pick the perfect image. Imagine passing down a quality, lasting portrait.

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