The right photographer packs light…

There are primarily two types of photographers, Natural Light Photographers, and Flash Photographers. You know the two, the one with just a camera in hand, shoots anything, anywhere, with accuracy. The other carries light stands, big black boxes or umbrellas with lights in them, works a little slower, but just the same shoots anything, anywhere, with accuracy. So what’s the difference and why should you care?

Natural light photographer are fine and some are phenomenal! They produce beautiful images in typically nature scenes. But overall they’re limited to time and place. It’s usually shooting in the early morning just before and after sunrise hours or in the evening just before and after sunset. These are known as the blue and golden hours. With patience and skill these natural light photographers pull off some amazing shots. The down side? As a client, especially with kids you have to work around a tight time table, possibly skip breakfast, or catch a late dinner and what about kids nap times? Forget it, take these two times per day or get nothing. 

Flash photographers are also fine and some are phenomenal! They too produce images in nature scenes but can also take just about any scene outside and turn it into a shot that looks like it was taken in a studio. They also have the option of shooting in a studio, in your home, your office, or even in your car! These togs can shoot morning, day, evening, and night and produce consistent results nearly overtime. With patience and skill too, flash photographers pull off some amazing shoots. The down side? Each shot may take a little more planning, maybe 1-2 minutes….is that really a down side?

There’s one big comparison that we haven’t discussed. Here’s a young basketball team that posed for our sample. One image being natural light only and the other using flash. Do you see a difference? 

The lower image makes an impact. It has a certain ‘pop’ to it or wow affect. You see, by adding a touch of artificial light, flash photographers can control colors and contrast much more accurately then shooting in natural light only. Final portraits will be punchier, truer to life and more attractive; guaranteed. 

When most people think of flash photography they think bright white flashy looking photos, but for the professional this is not the case and the final product is preferred 10:1. 

When shopping for a family or senior portrait photographer, consider SQ Portraits – Photography. Providing both natural light and studio quality photography in just about any location indoors or out in Simi Valley, CA and surrounding cities in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Give us a call at (805) 328-4043 or visit us online at to learn more about our unique 3 step fine art portrait experience.

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