This choice is VERY important!

Fine Art Canvas Wall Display – 1 20×20 with 4 8X8 Gallery Wrap Canvases

A lot of photographers pride themselves on being “Natural Light” photographers and there isn’t anything wrong with this in general. Is there a substantial benefit however if your photographer is carrying studio lighting even for those outdoor shots? The answer is a BIG YES!

Natural light photographers are limited by location, time of day, and the sun. They’d prefer to shoot at dusk or dawn and prefer cloudy or overcast days. On bright sunny days at noon they’re limited to shooting in the open shade. So what? If your photographer is packing light these limitations are all lifted. Why? Bringing studio lighting to outdoor shoots eliminates shadows on the face, allows the background to look natural and not blown out (photography term meaning over exposed or white with no detail), and allows for total control.

Those lifted limitations may be obvious, what’s not so obvious is that using artificial light to supplement the natural light brings true colors to your art work. A photographer using artifical light has more accuracy in color than using natural light only. I know, I was a natural light photographer and eventually realized the disservice I was giving my clients. 

Like those washed out airy backgrounds? Like those contrasty backgrounds? Want the background to blur out? No problem when your photographer packs light!

When searching for your next family photographer or High School Senior Portrait photographer, ask them if they’re packing light….if not, keep searching or contact SQ Portrait – Photography and experience our three step unique process that will knock your socks off! (805) 328-4043.

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