Fire your photographer!

30 minute session, 10 Digitals on a CD for $250…does this sound like your photographer? If so, FIRE them now…
Sadly a majority of family photographers today offer session images via a CD, USB, or other digital medium and you are getting short sold. Today is the digital revolution, but the key word there is TODAY.
Remember that VHS tape you could record all your favorite shows on? Obsolete. Remember those slides you could have your photos put on to drop into your carousel to view on a screen or wall? Obsolete. Remember those 8mm and Super 8mm tapes for video cameras? Obsolete. Remember when your hard drive or phone crashed and you lost all those images? OK, those aren’t obsolete, they’re just GONE!
SQ Portraits – Photography and our sister division, G2Photo Images, provide Fine Art Prints to all our clients. We ensure that at the end of every photo session our clients are provided with art to hang in their home. Remember that family photo you hung last year? It’s NOT obsolete, it’s still relevant and it will be when your heirs inherit it too.
The truth is, we don’t know what the next generations storage devices will be. We don’t know if they’ll be backwards compatible. We don’t know how long a CD or USB drive actually lasts.
Don’t settle for just digital, contact us today for a free consultation to ensure your family photos are available for enjoying for generations to come. Start enjoying Fine Art Prints of your family, grad, or athlete….oh, let us mention, we’ll throw in a complimentary social media digital with every fine art print; because TODAY is the digital revolution and that’s how we roll…
Do you have a story about losing images? We’d love to hear your story in the comments!

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