Turning the routine into memories…

It’s your photographer’s job to understand your needs, wants, desires, and plan around those in order to provide you with perfect memories and artwork suitable for your home or office.
Well, that’s exactly what we did with Ms. Aly! After meeting Aly we quickly picked up on the facts that she is outgoing, fun, and not afraid of anything. Graduating with a degree in some sort of math that’s way over our head, she wanted to capture this moment of time in her life for herself and her mom and dad. After meeting in her home and viewing the dark wood tones of the fireplace and the dark couch against the brightly lit walls we knew exactly where to shoot one of the three locations for her graduation session.

We wanted to find a location that would highlight our client while offering deep tones as a backdrop. The final image makes for a perfect 20×30 or even 30″x40″ wall canvas. In this case, due to the smaller size of the living area we opted for the 20×30 canvas as a perfect fit. But, can you guess where we took Aly for this location? The local grocery store…

That’s right! The local grocery store has a great pillar lined, palm tree backdrop walking path covered with vines. We knew it would make the perfect setup for this wall piece. What did Aly think? “Let’s do it!”, she exclaimed. Not fearing being out in a public shopping complex, right outside the door of a bank, we setup two lights from our mobile studio, posed her to capture her fun confidence and went to work.

In the end, it’s the photographer’s job to understand the clients needs and build everything in the session around that to create art perfectly suited for their home or office.

Experience the difference next time you are in the market for family photos, graduation photos, senior photos, or corporate head shots in and around Simi Valley. Call SQ Portrait – Photography in Simi Valley to learn more.

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